Knysna Gin consists of nine natural botanicals & spring water:

JUNIPER from Italy

CORIANDER from Bulgaria

ALMONDS from Sedgefield

HONEYBUSH from the Crags

MONDEI WHITEI from Limpopo

CARDAMON from Guatemala

CINNAMON from Madagascar

STAR ANISE from Vietnam

NUM NUMS from Knysna

SPRING WATER from the Witteberg Mountains

Num Num berries
Citrus and Num Nums


Rion’s wife, Kay who is originally from London and inherently a gin lover headed up recipe development. It was very important to Kay to create a good quality, classic gin that was Juniper forward.

Kay experimented with many African botanicals but insisted that they should not be distracting and rather compliment the Juniper and add to the flavour profile. She eventually settled on Honeybush, for a touch of sweetness, Num Num berries for its fruity tartness and Mondei Whitei which has a lovely Vanilla scent to it.

It took a year of experiments with the 5 litre Alembic still to finalise the recipe. A lot of helpful friends with very sophisticated palates assisted with the tastings.


We take great pride in our shiny Alembic Copper Pot Stills. The 5 Litre is used for recipe development, while the other is 200 Litre and is used for production.