The Knysna Distillery was launched on the 30th of November, 2018 by Rion, Kay & Bob Merryweather. A family-run partnership between a father and son & a husband and wife.

When buying a bottle of gin as a gift for his father, Rion noticed that there was quite a lot of South African Gin on the shelf but no Knysna Gin. After a long chat and a few gin and tonics, the family decided to make it happen.

The distillery takes great pride in its shiny Alembic Copper Pot Stills. The 5 Litre is used for recipe development, the other is 200 Litre and is used for production. Since opening, the distillery has quickly morphed into a thriving cocktail bar.

There are plans for a rum, tequila and bourbon to be released. Vermouth is already made and available to buy.

Rion Merryweather
Kay Merryweather


Rion and Kay Merryweather moved from New York to Knysna, as successful entrepreneurs when they were expecting their first son, Rowan in 2013. What was supposed to be a temporary arrangement became a permanent relocation as Knysna’s slow pace of life and beautiful surroundings won the Merryweathers over. They focused their time and energy to a new business venture – starting Knysna’s first distillery! Today, they are a family of four and their creativity and determination is evident in the success that is the Knysna Distillery.

Rion and Kay’s ethos can be summed up in three words: quality, value and authenticity.


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